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Twist-Trap Practice Pipes
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Twist-Trap Practice Pipes

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  • Introducing Twist Trap Practice Pipes, a set of mouth-blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to play on their own or in a group setting along with other instruments. 

    “I have been playing a set and they are great fun, much better than practicing on a practice chanter,” said Alastair Dunn, Managing Director of R. G. Hardie & Co.  “They will help beginners with the transition from chanter to pipes and understanding the importance of maintaining constant pressure when blowing.”

    Features of the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes include:

    • Suitable for Pipers of all abilities
    • Key of A
    • Twist Trap Moisture Control
    • Long Practice Chanter
    • Bass and Tenor Drone
    • Integral Valve
    • Synthetic Pipe Bag
    • Corduroy Bag Cover
    • Deluxe Carry Case

    A particularly innovative design aspect to the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes chanter top is the blow piece for moisture control. Moisture control is important for kids as they produce a lot more saliva than an adult when playing. This new moisture control design feature will become the standard top on the entire range of R. G. Hardie & Co plastic practice chanters.

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