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Tartantown is pleased to offer a variety of different tartan options to meet all of our client's needs. Whether you are in need of tartan kilts, blankets, shawls, scarves, ties or sashes, we have every colour and pattern available, and our Tartan Finder page will allow you to order yards of your desired pattern.

A quick browse through our selection of tartan names and colours will help you find the set you want, and once you make your selection, we can ship your desired product which you will usually receive in 4-8 weeks. Our products are made in Scotland by the finest tartan mills, and we offer our customers variety with every clan tartan. Our Abercrombie Modern tartan, for example, is available in lightweight wool, which would make it ideal for ties, scarves and sashes, but it is also available in heavy-weight wool, which is suitable for men's kilts.

Find Your Favourite Tartan

Our Tartan Finder page is easy to use, and you can navigate through the different options we carry. We have a huge selection of tartan cloths to choose from, and you will find colours arranged in your desired pattern. 

We feature different clan tartans, and whether you are interested in MacRae Clan Ancient Tartan, MacPherson Clan Ancient Tartan, Fraser Clan Ancient Tartan, MacFarlane Ancient Tartan or MacIntosh Clan Ancient Tartan, you will find your desired Tartan pattern on our website.

We have been serving the tartan community for nearly 50 years and carry tartan clothing and accessories.

Start your search here today to find clan tartans and more!

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