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Achiltibuie Moisture Control System

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  • The Achiltibuie Moisture Control System (MCS4) by Highland Reeds has been designed and developed with the piper in mind.  This system is easy to install and promises to extend the playing time and improved control of your bagpipe.

    The new MCS4 design includes stronger rubber cups to attach to the drones as well as drone valves to give you greater control over your bagpipe by regulating the consistency of airflow to your drone reeds and ensures clean and easy strike-ins and cut-offs.  They are easily adjusted with a small screw to increase or decrease airflow.

    This system uses silica gel balls to regulate the moisture which can be easily dried by placing the cartridges, still filled with the granules, onto or near a heat source for a considerable amount of time until dry.  This system includes three cartridges, one for each drone, prefilled with Achiltibuie silica gel balls.  It has newly designed flex-joints for ease of installation and longevity.

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