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Scottish Kitchen Pipes
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Scottish Kitchen Pipes

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  • Kitchen Pipes by Pipers' Choice are designed to offer you the flexibility of having the Pipers' Choice long sized practice chanter as well as a set of drones that make your instrument into a set of mouth-blown smallpipes.

    This convenient and economical instrument is made of polypenco with a synthetic pipe bag and comes with a soft-sided carrying case. The pipe bag does not require seasoning.

    Once you remove them from the carrying case, put the top of the bass drone together and you are ready to play.

    The reeds in the chanter and drones are common practice chanter reeds and easily attainable.

    The drones sit over your right arm lying across your chest and NOT over your shoulder.

    When you want to use the Pipers' Choice chanter itself, simply remove the top of the chanter, which acts as the blowpipe (do not use the connection piece with valve when using the practice chanter).  Then remove the practice chanter bottom with the reed and assemble the practice chanter as normal.

    There is a built in water trap in the top section of the practice chanter (blowpipe). To remove moisture build-up, turn the top toward the floor and let it drain or remove the top from the instrument and blow through the end that goes over the hemp to clean it out.

    The Kitchen Pipers are designed to be simple and fun. Perfect for creating a fun environment at ceilidhs and parties.

    Made from polypenco.

    Synthetic bag & velvet cover included (Bag cover colour may vary: black, blue, red, green)

    Built-in watertrap.

    Includes Walsh practice reeds.

    Long deluxe chanter.

    Includes soft padded carry case.

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