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Premier Bass Drum - PRO Series

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  • The truly free-floating shell allows unrestricted resonance and beautiful tone, while the turnbuckle tension system provides quick and easy pitch-perfect tuning. The unique sound and breadth of voicing provides the limitless musical arrangement that has revolutionised the sound of the modern pipe band.

    Available in various sizes and colours.

    Usually ships in 8-12 weeks.

    Made by Premier.

    • Tenors - 5.5mm, 7-ply birch shell
      Bass - 4mm, 2-ply birch shell with 5mm support hoops
    • Weather resistant design is ideal for outdoor performance
    • Turnbuckle tensioning system for quick and easy, pitch-perfect tuning
    • Drumheads by Premier
    • Silver powder-coated turnbuckles
    • Free-floating shells allow unrestricted resonance
    • Wooden counter hoops promote the free, open sound

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