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McCallum Scottish Folkpipes - Blackwood Catalogue
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McCallum Scottish Folkpipes - Blackwood

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  • These Folk Pipes have been designed by McCallum Bagpipes to play along with other instruments, allowing the piper to use a blowing and bag pressure technique as they would with the Highland pipes. The low A note on the chanter is tuned to concert pitch A (440Hz) which means that the pipes will naturally play in the keys used by other musicians when playing traditional/folk music.

    The pipes come set-up, ready to play with covers and cords, a synthetic bag, moisture control system, chanter reed and synthetic drone reeds.

    This fully combed and beaded African black wood folk pipe set includes mopane projecting mounts and ring caps, nickel ferrules, African black wood slides.  The mouthpiece is made of full nickel.

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