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McCallum McC2 Solo Pipe Chanter - Blackwood
Item Code: PCM004B

McCallum McC2 Solo Pipe Chanter - Blackwood

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  • The McCallum McC2 Solo Blackwood Pipe Chanter was designed and is played by one of the world's most highly decorated soloists - Willie McCallum. This chanter is a complete re-design from other McCallum Chanter models. It is a bit quieter and slightly lower-pitched product. This chanter incorporates a standard non-threaded reed seat as per Willie's preference. Each chanter carries the McCallum Bagpipe marking and is individually tested by Willie McCallum. This chanter comes complete with a protective tube.

    Made by McCallum Bagpipes. Designed by Willie McCallum.

    Pitched between 474hz and 480hz.

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