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Bannatyne Synthetic Hide Pipe Bag (Zipper)
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Bannatyne Synthetic Hide Pipe Bag (Zipper)

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  • Pipe Bags were the first product of the Bannatyne business and are now the choice of many top bands and soloists.  The bags come in 5 sizes; small, extended small, medium, large, and Willie McCallum.

    These bags combine the ease of use that synthetic bags offer with the feel and sound of a hide bag and is the most popular choice among Bannatyne products. They have synthetic inner core to make playing easy and a hide outer shell to give that traditional feel. Bannatyne bags come with the T-Zip zipper allowing access inside the bag for moisture control accessories also give the ease of setup and maintenance of a synthetic bag.

    Includes a water trap with bottle for moisture control.

    Available sizes:

    • Small - 22.8cm (height) x 61cm (length)
    • Extended Small - 24.1cm (height) x 67.5cm (length)
    • Medium - 26.7cm (height) x 67.5cm (length)
    • Willie McCallum Custom - 25.5cm (height) x 70cm (length)
    • Large - 29.2cm (height) x 73.5cm (length)

    **One Year Warranty**

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