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John Walsh Shuttle Pipes - 3 Drone
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John Walsh Shuttle Pipes - 3 Drone

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  • The Walsh Shuttle Pipes are handcrafted from quality materials to produce a uniquely sweet sound that is ideal for intimate performances where the Highland pipes would prove too overpowering. The softer, sweeter sound is excellent in providing quiet meditation music during church services or weddings. Shuttle pipes also serve well in livening up ceilidhs and when sitting around the bonfire, as they blend well with bodhrans and other celtic instruments. For those who live in an apartment or who have small children with early bedtimes, the shuttle pipes may provide the solution for getting in that extra practice.

    The Walsh Shuttle Pipes use the Highland Bagpipe fingering which allow players of the Great Highland Pipe to instantly transfer all knowledge and repertoire to the Shuttle Pipes. The chanter is made of polypenco, fitted into a wooden stock, and is pitched to the Key of 'A'. The shuttle drone is crafted from rock maple wood and is available with either two drones (bass/tenor) or three drones (bass/baritone/tenor). The Walsh Shuttle Pipes are also mouthblown, and therfore do not require that pipers learn how to control bellows. Plastic double reeds are used to power both the chanter and the shuttle drones. The drone, stocks, & sliders may be finished with either a natural (light) or dark stain and are trimmed in brass and imitation ivory. A gortex bag is provided as well as a bagcover available in navy, black, or hunter green).

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