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HBT Clip Microphone for Bagpipes
Item Code: PMT006

HBT Clip Microphone for Bagpipes

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  • The HBT Clip Microphone for bagpipes is designed to 'hug' the drones and chanter enabling close contact to the sound source. It makes tuning easy when playing on your own or with others.

    • Exclusively designed for Bagpipes & the HBT1 Tuner.
    • Conforms to curvature of the Drones & Chanter.
    • Highly sensitive piezo sensor.
    • 1.75m lead.
    • Quick to attach & remove.
    • Compatible with third party tuners.

    Suggested positioning:

    Chanter - Below Low A
    Drones - Bottom or top drone section close to bell.

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