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McCallum Bellow Smallpipes - Blackwood
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Fred Morrison Scottish Small Pipes - Blackwood with Bellows (by McCallum)

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  • **View the Fred Morrison catalogue here**

    These Scottish Small Pipes have been designed by McCallum Bagpipes and Fred Morrison to play along with other instruments, allowing the piper to use a blowing and bag pressure technique as they would with the Highland pipes. The low A note on the chanter is tuned to concert pitch A (440Hz) which means that the pipes will naturally play in the keys used by other musicians when playing traditional/folk music.

    The pipes come set-up, ready to play with covers and cords, a synthetic bag, moisture control system, chanter reed and synthetic drone reeds.

    This plain-combed and beaded African blackwood smallpipe set includes blackwood button mounts, nickel ferrules, and mopane wood ring caps.  Complete with bellows with switch.

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