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David Naill Solo Pipe Chanter - Blackwood with Silver Band
Item Code: PCN003

David Naill Solo Pipe Chanter - Blackwood with Silver Band

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  • The David Naill Blackwood Solo Pipe Chanter has dominated major solo piping events at all levels for over 30 years. These chanters are coveted by pipers throughout the world for their excellent harmonics and performance. The Blackwood chanters are very responsive, bright and stable. This chanter incorporates a threaded reed seat which allows ease of tuning and prevents the reed from coming loose. It allows for easy yet precise adjustments of the reed. The reed is locked in place until the player moves it, and is a more accurate way of setting chanter pitch. The silver band on the sole of the chanter produces a very sharp finish.

    Made by David Naill.

    Pitched between 478hz and 484hz.

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