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RG Hardie Infinity Bb Pipe Chanter - Polypenco
Item Code: PCH005

RG Hardie Infinity Bb Pipe Chanter - Polypenco

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  • The Hardie Infinity Polypenco Bb Pipe Chanter was designed by Alastair Dunn and R.G. Hardie & Co. Champion Connor Sinclair. Compared to a modern pitch pipe chanter, this chanter profile has a larger shaft diameter, inspired by a 1970’s R.G. Hardie Pipe Chanter, and with small finger holes that are spaced for comfortable playing.

    The chanter has been optimized to use a standard modern pipe chanter reed to pitch in the key of B flat, rather than a long bladed Bb reed.

    This chanter is the perfect choice for pipers and pipe bands wishing to play in military tattoos and accompany other instruments.

    The R.G. Hardie Plastic Infinity Bb pipe chanter comes complete with a reed protector and protective tube.

    "A pipe chanter suitable for pipers of all abilities”

    Made by R.G. Hardie & Co. Ltd. Designed by Alastair Dunn and Connor Sinclair.

    Pitched at 466Hz.

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