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David Naill Long Blackwood Practice Chanter (Poly Top)
Item Code: PCP009

David Naill Long Blackwood Practice Chanter (Poly Top)

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  • Half African blackwood deluxe long practice chanter by David Naill & Co. with built-in watertrap and counter-sunk holes.

    The practice chanter is adorned with a beaded nickel ferrule and an imitation ivory sole.

    This instrument is perfect for the beginner piper as well as the advanced learner as it combines a stunning visual appeal with a high-quality sound that Naill products are known to produce.  While the chanter is made from high-quality African blackwood, the blowstick is poly to prevent cracking due to moisture and has a built-in watertrap to prevent liquid from reaching the blackwood.

    Made by David Naill & Co.

    54 cm (21") from tip of mouthpiece to bottom.

    Hemp Seal.

    Includes a practice chanter reed.

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