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Chesney Bagpipe Reed
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Chesney Bagpipe Reed

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  • The Chesney Chanter Reeds are hand chiselled using select cane sourced from France by reedmakers with over 42 years of experience in the art of reedmaking.

    Chesney pipe reeds are known for their clarity and inbuilt ability to keep their stability and pitch in all conditions, even with a limited playing time.

    The Chesney Bagpipe Reed has been used with the last 10 Grade One World Champions.

    "We design our Pipe Reeds so you can achieve the full sound." -David Chesney

    All reeds are hand selected by Terry Lee.

    Made by Chesney Reeds. Designed, produced, and tested by David Chesney.

    Band quotes available upon request - Please contact us for details.

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