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Campbell Tunable Pipe Chanter
Item Code: PCM005

Campbell Tunable Pipe Chanter

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  • The Campbell Tunable Pipe Chanter gives you the tuning range you need without touching the reed in the reed seat; it is an amazing piece of technology. With its movable reed seat it can be flattened or sharpened without removing the chanter from the stock.


    The tuning dial on the Campbell Tunable Chanter allows for quick tuning while you play your pipes. You will not even need to deflate your bag! The perfect solution to tuning a bagpipe chanter quickly has arrived. Now you can tune your chanter very quickly by simply turning the tuning dial to raise or lower your reed - while you continue to blow your pipes!


    The perfect collaboration between McCallum Bagpipes and piper/inventor, Kyle Campbell, has brought this innovative new chanter design to fruition. Drawing on McCallum Bagpipes’ experience of producing top quality instruments and some radical thinking from Kyle, this chanter will provide any piper with quick tuning and a sweet, bright, high quality sound.


    The Campbell Tunable Chanter is based on McCallum’s Mark III design that offers a winning combination already recognized throughout the piping community. With comfortable round holes, this chanter presents a bright sound with brilliant projection and stability.

    Made by McCallum Bagpipes. Designed by Kyle Campbell.

    Pitched between 478hz and 484hz.

    Band quotes available upon request - Please contact us for details.

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