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Item Code: PMT007

Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner HBT-C1

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  • The Blair Professional Analog & Digital Bagpipe Tuner is perfect for Pipe Band tuning to achieve a finely tuned pipe corp. Both the LCD and Analog meters provide feedback with excellent detection of drones and chanter with multiple visual feedback options for frequency detection and pitch movement.

    Key Features:
    - Digital & Analog technology
    - Analog needle meter
    - Backlit meters
    - Chanter Mode
    - Drones Mode
    - Chromatic mode
    - Tone Generator
    - Vari-speed needle control
    - Pitch and note display
    - Calibration range 400-499hz
    - Detection speed <20ms
    - Accuracy /-.1hz
    - Internal microphone
    - External mic input
    - Auto off

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