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Bagpipe Music Writer GOLD
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Bagpipe Music Writer GOLD

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  • Bagpipe Music Writer GOLD is an electronic only version.  **Product is download only and will be emailed within 2-3 days of purchase.**

    It provides low cost desktop publishing software for bagpipe music on IBM PC-compatible computers. Bagpipe Music Writer GOLD was released by Robert MacNeil Musicworks in May 1999 and is the best software available for both printing your bagpipe music (light music and piobaireachd) and for producing high quality playing of bagpipe music.

    Developed by Robert MacNeil.

    Bagpipe Music Writer Gold is compatible with all versions of Windows up to Windows 11 including 64-bit editions.

    Over 30 music books have been printed using Bagpipe Music Writer Gold.

    Features include:

    • Print and play any type of light music and piobaireachd. (including all piobaireachd abbreviations)
    • On screen music view.
    • Extensive page layout, font and playing options.
    • Real chanter and drones sound with certain cards.
    • 100 page printed manual with tutorial and reference guides.
    • On-line help file reflects printed manual.
    • Print multiple tunes on single or multiple pages.
    • Play tunes together in a medley. (with tempo changes)
    • Link/embed bagpipe music in other Windows programs.
    • Compatible with all previous Bagpipe Music Writer files.

    Includes installation software.

    Works on Windows 11.

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