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Bagpipe Flux Blowpipe Round Mouthpiece
Item Code: PBP11JR

Bagpipe Flux Blowpipe

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  • The FLUX Blowpipe works by stimulating the condensation of moisture within the Blowpipe, and harnessing the condensed moisture through a difference in pressure in an absorption chamber.

    Condensation is absorbed by a Flux cloth before reaching circulation in the bag.

    The FLUX Blowpipe drastically prolongs the lifespan of the instrument before moisture takes effect and in turn reduces the risk of pipers lung disease.

    Moisture control system for every bagpipe

    The FLUX Blowpipe is universal to every Bagpipe and is compatible with both natural and synthetic bags, thus does not require a zipper-bag or inner tube for use.

    It does not interfere with the sound of the Bagpipe or restrict airflow.

    The FLUX Blowpipe does all this whilst remaining aesthetically identical to the traditional Bagpipe Blowpipe.

    Click Here for Flux Blowpipe Instructions

    Junior 7.25"
    X-Small 8.25"
    Small 9"
    Medium 10"
    Large 11"
    X-Large 11.75"

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