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Aquarian Articulator Tenor Head White
Item Code: PDH8-W14

Aquarian Articulator Tenor Head

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  • Articulator™ by Aquarian is a powerful, punchy and direct sounding tenor drum head featuring Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System”. The sound of this drum head really projects because the felt muffling “floats” and does not touch the bearing edge. The drum head collar is free to vibrate in unison with the drum shell to preserve the low end. This unique drum head is made with Aquarian's new Power-Play™ film. The Articulator™ is available in white or black with or without a Power Dot™.

    For 14", 15", 16", 18" and 20" tenor drums.

    Comes standard without Power Dot, which is available upon request.

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