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Andante Pipe Band Bass Drum

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  • Andante Bass drums are designed to produce a sound that is in harmony with the drone section of the bagpipe, balancing the overall sound of the band thus enhancing the ensemble. They are constructed with four lightweight alloy extrusions to make it easier to carry.

    Includes a 3-year warranty.

    Other sizes available on request.

    Ships in 6-8 weeks.

    Discounts available for pipe band orders.

    28'' x 14'', 15lb/6.80kg

    Andante Bass Drums are constructed with four lightweight alloy extrusions retaining a non-porous acrylic or wooden shell which makes the drum extremely light and easy to carry.

    There are 14 tension screws on each head.  This makes it easier to achieve even tension throughout the entire surface of the head.  Damping fitted and tuned by a meter.

    The carrying hook is firmly fixed to the two alloy retaining rings and gives a choice of single or double carrying points.

    All dismantling, reassembling and adjustments require a 5mm T-key.

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