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Gannaway Cowhide Pipe Bag (Grommets/Zipper)
Item Code: PPB013S

Gannaway Cowhide Pipe Bag (Grommets/Zipper)

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  • The famous Gannaway genuine leather Pipe Bag with an angled zipper and rubber grommets is played with success by thousands of pipers around the world.

    These bags are uniquely different from any other leather bags. The tanning process is unique and allows for moisture to pass through the leather - similar to the sheepskin bag. For best results use Highlander seasoning.

    The rubber grommets allow for easy installation and the zipper enables internal access for maintenance, easy dressing, and the use of moisture control systems, water traps, etc.

    All Gannaway Pipe Bags carry a two-year Warranty, covering Leather and Manufacturing Defects.


    • Instructions
    • String for tying-in
    • Gannaway Leather Primer
    • Small (26" x 9 3/4")
    • Extended Small (28" x 9 3/4")
    • Medium (26" x 10 1/2")
    • Extended Medium (28" x 10 1/2")
    • Large (27 1/2" x 11 1/2")
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