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Why Rent a Kilt?

Why Rent a Kilt?

There are a good number of reasons to rent a kilt.  Some people feel they are not entitled to wear a kilt or would not look good in a kilt.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

Affiliation to a clan (while interesting) is not essential. There has never been more choice than there is now – both with clan tartans and also contemporary “fashion” tartans.  There are hundreds of great choices! Some examples of universal or district tartans that anyone can wear include Isle of Skye, Scotland Forever, Scottish National, and Black Watch.

There are endless choices for kilt accessories - it is not just all about the kilt. Your accessories can put together a very attractive ensemble and all comes together very well. A Prince Charlie jacket is perfect for any formal event or choose an argyl jacket for something a little more casual.

Here is our short list as to why you should take the plunge:

  • Kilts are extremely comfortable to wear!
  • Kilts are cool!
  • Everyone looks good in a kilt!
  • Knees are under-rated!
  • The photos are great!

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