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What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

It’s just as likely for the kilt-clad men to steal the show at a Scottish wedding as the women in attendance. Whether you’re a guest, the best man or the groom, you’re likely to feel a lot of pressure to look good. But not to worry, we’re here to give you the ins and outs of how to look your best, while still feeling comfortable, at a Scottish wedding.

Traditional Attire

You can’t go wrong with a traditional kilt outfit that honours your Scottish lineage. There are several ways to do this, some of which include wearing a kilt that represents your clan tartan, or a more contemporary tartan for all to wear.  Accessorize this with an appropriate jacket (prince charlie or argyll), sporran, hose, sgian dubh, and ghillie brogue shoes.  These will create a clean and traditional look for the big day.

Heritage Look

Inspired by the traditional style without acknowledging a specific clan, you can always choose a Scottish wedding look that honours the country’s rustic appeal. Go for a head to toe in a Prince Charlie or Argyle jacket.  Make a statement showcasing your creative style while still sticking to tradition. But you can’t forget about accessories! You can also go with a more rustic look incorporating a tweed jacket, vest, and matching socks.

Modern Outfit

Not everyone wants to rock a traditional kilt outfit from head to toe. Sometimes the occasion calls for something different, something completely out of the box. If you’re going for a modern look, try combining a slim herringbone tie with a tweed jacket.

Alternative Fit

If you don’t fancy the idea of wearing a kilt to a Scottish wedding, then that’s your decision. The good thing is that there are other ways you can maneuver around a traditional outfit. To stick with the traditional apparel, we recommend you try out a pair of plaid trousers instead. This is a great option that will keep you looking formal while still sticking to your own style and what makes you comfortable.

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