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Should You Rent or Buy Your Scottish Kilt?

Should You Rent or Buy Your Scottish Kilt?

Need a traditional highland dress for a special occasion? Wondering whether you should buy or rent one? You may want to ponder through a few considerations:

Is buying a kilt more expensive than renting?

On first thought, renting may sound cheaper than buying an authentic kilt. After all, a kilt is a complex piece of clothing. A kilt can be worn for numerous occasions and many people find it more comfortable than wearing a suit and tie. A kilt from Tartantown lasts a lifetime so it is an excellent investment if you see yourself wearing the kilt to more than one event. 

Do you really need a good fit?

A kilt should always fit you like a glove. Off-the-shelf kits may not have the best fit for you. If the kilt is loose at the waist or made with longer straps, you may not be as comfortable. You may want to consider buying a custom kilt if you are particular about the fit of your clothing. Many consider buying a kilt to start and renting the accessories to keep the costs down. It is a good way to “test-drive” a new look.

Should you wear your own tartan?

Tartans represent the family or clan from where it originated. There are thousands of names affiliated to groups you can identify with – from regional tartans, city tartans, business tartans and more. Renting outlets may not stock one that distinctly represents you but, rather, contemporary (modern) tartans that anyone can wear. If you have a Scottish lineage, a special occasion is the perfect time to wear it with pride. Buying one may you give you the liberty to choose the tartan associated with your lineage. It is a matter of great pride to hand down your exclusive possession to the next generation.

Will a rented kilt be as high quality as a custom-fitted one?

Rental kilts are well made but can be a little lighter as there can be less yards of cloth. Going with a custom kilt gives you option to choose between a 5 yard or 8 yard kilt and between different weights of tartan cloth.

Tartantown - Your Scottish Department Store for Over 40 years

If you are shopping to rent a kilt, trust Tartantown to help you out. We have been in the business for over 40 years, providing premium kilts made in Scotland for weddings, graduations, birthdays and special dinners, for both purchase and rent.

We can help you discover your roots to choose the right tartan, find the right fabrics, and get custom fitted authentic kilts with accessories, made to exact measurements, that you can wear with pride.