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Moisture, Bagpipes, and the Flux Blowpipe

Moisture, Bagpipes, and the Flux Blowpipe

Bagpipes want to go out of tune continually and usually succeed! Anything to make the overall sound more pleasant and dependable is a good thing in the piper’s tool chest. Moisture control stabilizes tone for longer periods of time without question.  Back in the day, once the reeds were wet - that was the end of the story in terms of having the instrument work. Performances at the highest levels were marred by drones drifting out of tune.

Pipers have sought control by many methods in recent years. Thankfully, many products have come to market that have been “game-changers” in this quest – breathable bags, removable canisters, increased absorption reeds, and numerous others.

With the introduction of the Flux blowpipe, this could be another major game-changer. That is because moisture will be pulled out of your breath long before it gets to reeds. In fact, moisture is reduced pretty much as it comes out of one’s mouth – inside the blowpipe itself.

This should add some certainty to the where, and to what degree, moisture is being eliminated.

There will be a host of benefits but a few significant ones will be:

  1. Extended playing time
  2. Greater control of the instrument
  3. More (or less) options for need in bag choice and overall moisture control