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Learn How To Play Bagpipes

Learn How To Play Bagpipes

Learning Bagpipes

So you've decided you would like to learn how to play the bagpipes. Learning the bagpipe is a challenge and like every instrument, it is simplest to learn as a young child or teenager. Bagpipes can certainly be learned later in life though, as plenty of adults have made a hobby of piping. By combining endurance and patience with a regular practice schedule and good instruction, anyone can learn to play the bagpipe. We have to reiterate that good instruction is essential. The pipes aren't an instrument you just pick up and learn on your own - no matter how many other instruments you play. They are very technical with a sophisticated style of grace noting.

Practice Chanters

Practice chanters are bagpipe practice instruments used for learning how to finger. Practice chanters are durable and great for new learners as they’re made from polypenco, a type of plastic. These can cost anywhere between $75 and $175. They may also be made from African Blackwood and these may cost between $175 and $300 or more. As they are practice instruments, we recommend buying a basic model. Practice chanters come in two sizes: regular and long. The long chanter has finger holes exactly the exact same distance apart as a bagpipe chanter. Younger kids frequently begin on the shorter version.

Keep Practicing

You should use every chance you get to travel to bagpiping workshops. To make substantial progress, you need to commit to practice for no less than 20 minutes a day, five or more days a week. When you train, we suggest not doing so while you watch television. Bagpiping students that work the hardest and spend time practicing are the ones who progress the fastest. Talent is only one part of the equation - hard work is essential!

Tutoring Books

Your teacher may have his or her own recommendations when it comes to tutor books, and may even have their own out there. If not, there are many excellent resources available on the market. The National Piping Tutor Center is managed by none other than the National Piping Center in Glasgow. The College of Piping Tutor is another great resource for learning on your own or connecting you with a live teacher. Another helpful book is Jim McGillivray's Rhythmic Fingerwork. This book isn't for beginners, however. It's a workbook that will assist you in mastering all the intricate grace notes and doublings needed to play highland pipe tunes.

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