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Canada Day

Canada Day

Scotland and Canada

The link between Scotland and Canada has always been strong.  There are so many connections in history, economically, politically, and culturally.

Immigration to Canada was very strong in the mid-1800’s and a number of famous Canadians immigrated from Scotland.  The explorer, Simon Fraser, is well-known for establishing roots in British Columbia and for exploring the Fraser River.  Politically, one needs to look no further than our first Prime Minister – Sir John A. MacDonald who was born in Glasgow, Scotland and immigrated to Canada with his family as a boy.

Of course, culturally, there are strong ties and we see traditions carrying on in sport, folk music,  Highland Games, and Robert Burns night events.  We at Tartantown celebrate and promote the continuation and development of traditional Scottish dance and pipe music throughout Canada and the world.

The national tartan of Canada is the maple leaf tartan, designed in 1964, and made an official national emblem of Canada is 2011. Each province and territory has a regional tartan with Nova Scotia being the first to officially adopt the Nova Scotia tartan in 1956.

We are proud to be a Canadian company for over 40 years.

Happy birthday Canada!