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5 Yard vs 8 Yard Kilts

5 Yard vs 8 Yard Kilts

We have been supplying custom kilts for decades and one of the first questions we are often asked is what is the difference between a 5 yard kilt and an 8 yard kilt? The obvious answer is that there is more material but read below to find out which kilt is right for you.

How do they look different?

The extra material in an 8 yard kilt allows for deeper, crisper, and cleaner pleats that lay much flatter than a 5 yard kilt. An 8 yard kilt will also have a better swing or swish when walking. You can also choose to have your 8 yard kilt pleated to sett or pleated to stripe. Pleated to sett means the tartan pattern is replicated in the back of the kilt and is the most common choice.

Different Types of Kilts


How do they feel different?

An 8 yard kilt is substantially heavier but the 5 yard kilt still has good weight to it. Both kilts have the option to choose between 13oz or 16oz wool if the tartan is woven in both weights. An 8 yard kilt may also provide a bit more warmth while wearing.

Which do I choose?

Both 5 yard and 8 yard kilts are great options and many people own both for different occasions. If you thinking in terms of your budget, a 5 yard kilt will offer considerable savings while still allowing you to wear your tartan with pride. A 5 yard kilt is an excellent, affordable option but if you are looking for a traditional kilt to pass on for generations, an 8 yard kilt may be the way to go for you.

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