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The Art of Kiltmaking
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The Art of Kiltmaking

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  • Kiltmaker and award-winning educator Barbara Tewksbury has teamed up with legendary kiltmaker Elsie Stuehmeyer to bring you a book that teaches the traditional kiltmaking methods that Elsie learned 50 years ago as an apprentice and kiltmaker with the renowned firm Thomas Gordon's of Glasgow.

    In this book, you'll find:

    • A brief history of kilts.
    • Advice on how to evaluate any kilt for fit and workmanship.
    • Thorough explanations and copious illustrations for each and every step in kiltmaking from tartan selection through layout and construction to finishing.
    • Over 70 color photos and hundreds of line drawings.
    • Instructions for taking care of and altering a kilt.
    • Instructions for adding a hidden pleat, making a self-color kilt, and coping with asymmetric tartan.
    • A list of tartan sources and suppliers.

    These instructions are complete, detailed, and beautifully illustrated. with them anyone can be confident of making a properly-made kilt that will look beautiful, fit perfectly, and last a lifetime - all at a fraction of the cost of a custom-made kilt.

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