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Tartan Blanket - Colours of Hope
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Tartan Blanket - Colours of Hope

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  • Large tartan blanket measuring 69" x 62" with fringe.

    The Colours of Hope tartan was designed with the goal of offering encouragement, acknowledgement and hope to the Warriors and Warrior supporters in their battle against cancers of all types. Tartan is symbolic of determination and bravery with the colours of the fabrics representing or identifying their roots. The threads woven in the Colours of Hope tartan represent roots of strength and a celebration of life!

    Blue: the colour of strength
    Yellow: the colour of the daffodil-symbol of Cancer Societies worldwide as well as of optimism and energy.
    White: is associated with hope and faith.
    Red: represents love, courage and determination.
    Green: being the colour of life is associated with healing.
    Black: the thin black lines running thru the weave represents dignity and consideration for all individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by Cancer.

    100% Wool.

    If product is not in stock, please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

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