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Reed Wizard

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      • Brings chanter reed back to life

      • Strengthens reed as it becomes easy

      • Reeds last longer

      • Improves balance throughout scale

      • Reduces squeaking and squealing

      • Band pipers can blow steadier throughout scale

      • Soloists have better control over manipulation

    The design of the Reed Wizard © tool is based on a reed mandrel hand-made for Terry Lee by his piping teacher, James MacMillan. The tool is tapered to match closely the average size of reed staples. Over the years, Terry relied on this tool for reed manipulation in the SFU Pipe Band.

    The Reed Wizard © tool design has been improved upon allowing for safe storage and long life. It is now being produced by GANAAN Highland Manufacturing.

    The Reed Wizard © allows for the easy manipulation of the staple in the pipe chanter reed. It allows the user to make adjustments to the staple prolonging the life of a pipe chanter reed while at the same time improving the sound.

    The Reed Wizard © handle and cover are both machined from T6061-T6 aluminum, while the mandrel incorporates a double bevel design made from O1 tool steel which is then heat treated, quenched and tempered insuring strength, durability and longevity. The mandrel is as hard as a high-end knife yet flexible enough to apply torque to it to open the staple up allowing you to match your reeds easily.

    Each Reed Wizard © comes packaged in a shipping box along with an insert on safety precautions for its care and use. Each box is then sealed on each end with a clear retail package seal.

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