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Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada - Volume 1
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Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada - Volume 1

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  • The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada Standard Settings of Pipe Music contains nearly 200 tunes drawn from the regiment’s archives and a number of prominent Canadian, Scottish, and American composers.  Selections include marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes, jigs, slow airs, piobaireachd, and a suite.  The collection spans more than 100 years, with a blend of traditional music and previously unpublished tunes alongside modern compositions penned specifically for this volume.

    The tunes are prefaced by a regimental history section as well as forwards from HRH the Duke of Edinburgh (the Regiment's Colonel-in-Chief) and Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.  More than 50 composers have contributed their work to this collection, including: Captain Stuart Samson, Pipe Major Andrew Venters, Pipe Major Michael Gray, Pipe Major Iain Morrison, Pipe Major Donald MacKay, Pipe Major Ronald MacLean, Pipe Major Alan Clark, Pipe Major William MacLeod, John Cairns, Ed Neigh, and more.

    All wholesale proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to charities supporting Canadian military veterans, including The Deer Lodge Foundation.  The Deer Lodge Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada operated for many years as a Veterans Affairs facility and is still home to a number of retired soldiers, sailors, and aviators.


    Regimental Duty Tunes

    The Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu
    The March of the Cameron Men
    Logie o’ Buchan

    My Faithful Fair One
    Because He was a Bonnie Lad
    Highland Laddie
    Mallorca/Oh Canada
    Lochleven Castle
    The Lads with the Kilts
    Scotland the Brave
    All the Blue Bonnets are O’er the Border
    A Hundred Pipers
    The Glendaruel Highlanders
    Bonnie Dundee
    The Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre
    Queen Elizabeth’s March
    Garb of Old Gaul
    Happy We’ve Been Together
    The 79th’s Farewell to Gibraltar
    Flowers of the Forest
    Land o’ the Leal
    Lochaber No More
    Johnnie Cope
    Bundle and Go
    Lochiel’s Away to France
    Bannock o’ Barley Meal
    Hey Jock, Are Ye Glad Ye Listed
    Sleep Dearie Sleep

    2/4 Marches

    The 43rd’s Farewell to Sanctuary Wood
    The Cairn o’ the Mount
    The 79
    th’s Farewell to Edinburgh
    Pipe Major Robert Fraser of Winnipeg
    The Canadians’ Farewell to Lord Byng of Vimy
    Bill Blaikie’s Farewell to Ottawa
    The Caledonian Society of Winnipeg
    The Royal Welcome to Winnipeg
    H.M. Metcalf, Chief of Police
    The City of Winnipeg Police Pipe Band
    Pipe Major Bill MacLeod of Pine Falls
    The 43rd Battalion C.E.F. (Cameron Highlanders) Farewell to Winnipeg
    March of the Comunn Caidhealarh of Winnipeg
    Keith MacDonald
    Colonel John J. Davidson, Toronto Highlanders
    Jack Millar’s Welcome to Kuroki
    The MacLeans of Boreray
    Pipe Major William MacLeod of Fort Qu’Appelle
    The Rivers Highland Games
    The Ladies from Hell
    The St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg
    The Dens of Culter

    3/4 Marches

    The Battle of Ainse
    The Battlefield of Arras
    8 Wing’s Salute to Mayor John Williams
    Colonel Wayne A. Locke, CD
    Farewell to Vimy-Falaise Barracks
    Golden Anniversary March
    The Last Link
    Lieutenant Colonel R. D. MacLagan, CBE, MC
    The Heroes of Afghanistan
    The Loos Memorial (A Centenary Remembrance, 1915—2015)
    Walking in the Bush
    Sergeant Major John Robert Osborne, VC at Mount Butler (Hong Kong)

    4/4 Marches

    The Battle for Hill 70
    8 Wing Trenton Pipes & Drums
    The Canadian Argylls’ Welcome to their Colonel-in-Chief
    The 21st Battalion CEF Crossing the Rhine
    Captain Colin Campbell
    Captain Drysdale’s Welcome
    The 79th Highlanders
    The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment
    Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald F. Gowing, CD
    The Wee Highland Laddie

    6/8 Marches

    The 1st Battalion Queen’s Own Highlanders’ Freedom of the Western Isles
    General McNaughton
    Peter Finlayson
    Colonel Ross Ermel, CD
    Farewell to Fidigary School
    Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew T. Law, DSO
    General Hunt’s Welcome to the Queen’s Own Highlanders
    Major General Sir Isaac Brock
    J. Alex MacDonald
    Lieutenant Colonel E.P. ‘Tommy’ Thompson, DSO
    The Battle of the River Platte
    Major A.W. Cameron’s March
    Major William Grassie
    Thunder Bay
    Lieutenant Colonel Sir Peter Redwood
    The Cameron Pipers at Dieppe
    Assiniboine Park
    The Bishop of Brandon
    Brian MacDonald’s March
    Major Laird A. Coghill
    The Maple Crown
    The March of the Cameron Cadets
    Pipe Major Michael Gray, MBE
    The Red River Welcome
    Pipe Major Donald Gunn
    Lieutenant-Colonel Brett Takeuchi, CD
    Pipe Major Jack Coghill

    Marches in Other Time Signatures

    Dean Strowbridge
    General Sir Jeremy Mackenzie, CGB, OBE
    The Battle of the Somme
    The Sixth of June, 1944
    Mrs. Robin McFarlane

    Slow Marches and Airs

    The Heroes of the Aisne (In Remembrance of Fallen Camerons)
    Lulu Ilye
    The Hills of Kohima
    Echoes of the Highlands
    Ste. Geneviève
    Far the Gate
    Task Force Kandahar
    Davy Adamson
    Lament for Lieutenant Andrew Brycka (A&SHofC)
    The Loch Tay Boat Song


    The Hill of Garvock
    Spruce Ale
    Neil Sutherland’s
    The Duke of Edinburgh’s
    Mrs. John Duke
    On the Bank
    Betty MacLeod’s Travel Step
    A.A. Cameron
    Old Cockburn
    Captain Richardson, 71st Highland Light Infantry
    Shirley Dawson
    Lieutenant-Colonel David Fraser, CD
    The Banks O’ Don
    The Eve of Vimy
    Maggie Cameron


    Castle Rock Ceilidh
    The Night We Had the Goat
    Demi’s Danger
    Colin Cameron’s Kilt
    Brae Mar
    Fordham’s Fury
    Dinsdale’s Folly
    Forest Lodge
    Brittany Victoria Cairns
    John Duke’s Pipes
    Long Akah
    Pressing the Time
    Mary Ann Erickson
    Jackson’s Reel
    Willie Cruickshanks
    Peanut’s Reel
    Marion and Donald
    Willie Rob’s Gun


    The Clifden Races
    The Cameron Men Hornpipe
    The Bass Drummer’s Daughter
    Neddy in the Hedge
    Salute to Pipe Major Robert Fraser
    Fordham’s Dawn
    The Road to Quinn’s
    The Untouchable Faction
    The Ultimate Disruptors
    Catherine’s Hornpipe
    Hunter Force
    Tattoo ’99
    Tara’s Tune
    Storming Vimy
    HMCS Chippawa
    The Final Frenzie
    Garry Erickson
    Reach for Tomorrow


    Major General A.P. Grant Peterkin, CB, OBE
    The Duke of Edinburgh’s Jig
    The Volhard Pride
    Lindsay Grace
    The Jaunt
    McDowell the Younger
    Lieutenant-Colonel Sean P. Moran, CD
    The Elmwood Legion
    The Road to Quinn’s
    Ainslie’s Jig
    Maureen’s Jig
    Iain’s Jig
    Patricia’s Wee Butterflies
    Pint Fingers
    The Trunk Bar

    Waltzes & Miscellaneous

    Joe Kirk
    Miss Girdle’s Waltz
    A Dance with You
    Scott’s Indifference
    The Yorke Shoppe
    The Toll Man


    A Salute to My Father
    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (Duke of Edinburgh’s Own) Salute to their New Name



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