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Piper's Pal ALERT Reed Protector

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  • The Piper's Pal Reed Protector by Kinnaird Bagpipes functions as a reed protector with the added benefit of a humidity control system.  It's design is the same humidity-control design that regulates the amount of moisture that reaches to reeds to consistently keep them in a playable condition.

    All the great features of the original design are still there – the patented humidity and mold control system that keeps cane at optimum humidity, the patented sealing rod that extends time between recharge, the foam sealing gasket to eliminate humidity loss at the chanter, and a heavy duty thumb screw.  What is new is the indicator on top that alerts the piper when the reed protector needs to be recharged.  No more guessing if your reed is protected.  The Piper’s Pal Alert will let you know!  Recharging of the humidity control system is the same as the original.  Just remove the top cap and add water.  No expensive humidity control packs to purchase as they dry out.

    This device will also help break your reeds in quicker, maintain a more stable sound, and last longer with minimized mold and mildew.

    Includes two screw-on jars.

    Includes a rod to isolate the chanter bore from the reed.

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