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Outlander Inspired Dragonfly Silver Plated Amber Brooch
Item Code: GHY9777

Outlander Inspired Dragonfly Silver Plated Amber Brooch

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  • Our highly attractive Silver Plated Brooch, is inspired by the second book in the Outlander series, and feature a stunning amber stone set in a beautiful celtic dragonfly design.

    Crafted entirely in the finest silver plate,it will be despatched to you direct from our showroom in the heart of Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile which is located right next door to the Old Canongate Tolbooth and the Canongate Kirk, both locations which feature in the Outlander books.

    This delightful brooch will come presented in an attractive black and gold gift box and will make an ideal gift, and a lasting momento, for all Outlander fans.

    Approximately 1.5"

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