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Massed Band Drum Scores for Pipe Band Drummers
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Massed Band Drum Scores for Pipe Band Drummers

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed and comprehensive tool for anyone wishing to teach or learn to play massed band drum scores. Individuals attempting to learn these scores often do so in relative isolation, or in some cases are from other musical idioms and often face frustration due to lack of detailed description on how to interpret and play these scores properly. For this reason, detailed and abbreviated versions of the scores are presented, supported by a compact disk which provides professional audio recordings of the scores at various tempos and broken down into individual phrases.

    We recommend learning these scores with a qualified instructor and we would emphasize that these scores are NOT suitable for beginners. Individuals attempting these scores should have basic and intermediate level skills which typically would take a year or more of regular instruction and practice to develop.

    by Hugh Cameron and Doug Stronach.

    Includes CD.

    20 pages.


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