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Lee and Sons Bagpipe Reed
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Lee and Sons Bagpipe Reed

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  • Jack Lee has spent his career trying to perfect his bagpipe tone. He has learned an enormous amount about what is required to produce great tone, and that knowledge and experience is applied to every Lee and Sons bagpipe reed. The reeds you receive are the product of Jack’s experience, and reflect the kind of sound quality that has been so successful for him.

    The characteristics he looks for in chanter reeds are:

    • Efficiency: The reed must respond when it is blown. They are fun to play when you get a “big bang for your buck.”
    • Strength: The strength is very personal and must be just right for you. A good reed should just be a tad strong when you first begin playing it. During the break-in period the reed’s strength should ease off a little.
    • Break-in period: A good reed is seldom a “plug and play” reed. A reed will change a great deal in the first few days of playing as moisture and vibrations hit it for the first time. A good reed will improve during this break-in period

    All reeds are hand selected by Terry Lee.

    Made by Lee and Sons Bagpipes. Designed, Produced, and tested by Andrew and Jack Lee.

    Band quotes available upon request - Please contact us for details.

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