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Hosbilt Drum Sling with Waistbelt
Item Code: PSL001

Hosbilt Drum Sling with Waistbelt

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  • With the advent of the snare drum carriers in the early 1990′s, the demand for traditional drum slings tapered off. After receiving numerous requests from drummers for good quality drum slings, Hosbilt™ decided it was time to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Hosbilt™ has developed a choice of top end drum slings, with and without waist belts.

    The sling is hand-crafted using robust materials that will endure year after year of drum carriage. The ingenious bull-ring feature prevents the strap material from twisting and contributes towards positioning the drum in a stable position.The waist belt model helps the drummer bear some of the load onto their hips and off of the shoulder.

    Made by Hosbilt.

    Hand crafted.

    Bull-ring feature to prevent twisting and keeps the drum in a stable position.

    With waist belt for support.

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