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Disaster at the Highland Games Book
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Disaster at the Highland Games Book

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  • Kate loves going to Highland dance class each week and is thrilled when her teacher suggests she compete at the Highland Games for the first time.  Kate agrees to practice, but quickly changes her mind when she finds out that dancing at home by herself is not as much fun as dancing with friends in her class. And, besides, she figures her dancing is already good enough. Everything will be fine.  Or will it?  

    A single misstep sets off a hilarious chain of events across the whole Highland Games field in this over-the-top tale... 

    The author, Riel Nason, is a Canadian writer living in New Brunswick.  She writes for both adults and children.  Her debut novel The Town That Drowned won the Commonwealth Book Prize for Canada and Europe and the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award.  More recently, she is the author of the bestselling picture book The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt. She is also a certified highland dance teacher, and she loves attending Highland games in North America and Scotland along with her daughter who is a competitive Highland dancer.

    The illustrator, Nathasha Pilotte, was born in Quebec City and now makes her home in Saint John, New Brunswick. She likes to paint in watercolour and acrylics and takes her inspiration from daily life to create a colourful, imaginative world. She has illustrated books for Bouton d’or Acadie.

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