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Scottish Quaich - Tae A Thistle 3.5
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Scottish Quaich - Tae A Thistle 3.5"

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  • Handmade by English Pewter - the largest manufacturer of pewter ware in the UK.

    This superb Celtic Quaich is perfect for a proud Scotsman thanks to the beautiful and iconic image of the traditional Scottish Thistle. The bowl also features an extract of a poem from Robbie Burns about the iconic Scottish flower, whilst there is an intricate Celtic band that surrounds the body.

    The history of the Quaich dates back centuries and is commonly known as the Scottish "Cup Of Welcome", whereby visitors would be welcomed with whisky and drink from each side of the bowl. Today it is used as a commemorative gift for weddings, christenings and a whole host of celebrations, particularly for those with Scottish heritage.

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