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Blair Bagpipe Tuner Microphone & Clamp
Item Code: PMT0091

Blair Bagpipe Tuner Microphone & Clamp

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  • This Bagpipe Tuner Microphone solves the problem of trying to play your bagpipes, hold a tuner and tune drones at the same time. It has a flexible gooseneck, a 180 degrees hinge so it can positioned perfectly to detect your drones and cushioned clamp for securing to the drone. The microphone lead is 1m which provides enough length to reach your tuner.

    Parts: Mic clamp (with gooseneck and lead holders), Microphone & 1m lead with a mono 3.5mm plug. If you’re also wanting the tuner mounting strap make sure to select it below.

    100% compatible with the Blair Bagpipe Tuner. For the best setup add the mount and strap so the tuner can be positioned on your blowpipe.

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