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Lee and Sons Sheepskin Pipe Bag Plain
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Lee and Sons Sheepskin Pipe Bag

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  • Lee & Sons bags have been a long time in the making and are now played by some of the top pipers and bands around the world.

    When a sheepskin pipe bags is at its best nothing can beat it for tone, richness, resonance and harmonics…absolutely nothing. There is a little extra magic in the sound when sheepskin is being played and serious pipers and top pipe bands know this. But the trade-off is that it requires more maintenance than other bags. Most grade 1 pipe bands play sheepskin because to them the extra bit of work is well worth it to get the special sound.

    For quite a few years now, synthetic and cowhide bags have been available with zippers. Those amazing zippers allowed pipers to get inside the bag and install a moisture system to keep the drones dry. It always bugged Jack Lee that zippered Goatskin and Sheepskin bags weren’t readily available on the market.

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Lee and Sons Bagpipes are delighted to be producing zippered Goatskin and Sheepskin bags. They offer pipers the best of both worlds: the ability to get the vibrant, harmonic chanter sound that comes from Goatskin and Sheepskin pipe bags plus the ability to open the zipper and install a moisture system for the drones.

    Subtle differences between Goatskin and Sheepskin

    • Goatskin hide is a wee bit thicker than Sheepskin.
    • Goatskin requires far less seasoning.
    • Goatskin lasts a little longer and doesn’t change much during its usable life.
    • Sheepskin changes a lot over its life. At first they are dry and may require a lot of seasoning. After the initial phase they are brilliant to play. A few months later they get a little wetter and are not so enjoyable to play. But during the middle phase – superb!

    Similarities between Goatskin and Sheepskin

    • Both Goatskin and Sheepskin pipe bags produce the rich, harmonic sound. It is very hard to tell the difference in the sound.
    • Both are very comfortable to play and tend to “Mold” to your body a little.
    • Both have a nice, deeply-curved neck so the piper doesn’t have to reach far for the chanter.
    • They are the same price.

    Both Sheepskin and Goatskin pipe bags have the capability of producing an incredibly rich, harmonic sound. The resonance and quality can be hard to beat! But with hide bags the drones can get wet quickly and wander out of tune. Zipper provides you with access to the inside of the bag. You can install a moisture system and keep the drones nice and dry. Lee and Sons zippered bags offer the best of both worlds. With the addition of rubber grommets the bag installation becomes much easier. You can easily clamp drone and blowstick stocks into the grommets so that only the chanter stock needs to be tied in.

    Sizes available:

    • Extra Small (9")
    • Small (10")
    • Jack (10.25")
    • Medium (10.5")
    • Large (11")
    • X-Large (11.5")
    • XX-Large (12")
    • Gandy
    Available with a zipper (and T-zip) and grommets (with clamps).
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