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Ross, P/M William - Collection Book 4
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Ross, P/M William - Collection Book 4

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  • Pipe-Major W. Ross's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music. There are five books to this series, each filled with no less than 47 compositions of Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs, and Slow Airs.


    • 51st Highland Division, The
    • 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh, The
    • 75th's Entry to Tripoli, The
    • 78th Regiment, The93rd's Farewell to Parkhurst, The
    • Aberlour House
    • Angus MacPherson of Inveran
    • Archibald Campbell of Kilberry
    • Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque
    • Auntie Cairistion
    • Balmoral Castle
    • Balmoral Highlanders, The
    • Braes of Brecklet, The
    • Bristly Beard
    • Burning of the Piper's Hut, The
    • Cairo to Tunis
    • Colonel MacLeod
    • Conundrum, The
    • Countess of Dysarts Welcome to Edinburgh Castle
    • Cuairt Nam Fir-eun Og
    • Dorrotor Bridge
    • Dounie Weaver, The
    • Dunkeld Highlanders, The
    • Duntroon
    • Fourth of June, The
    • Glasgow Caithness Centenary Gathering, The
    • Grey Bob,The
    • Heroes of Dunkirk, The
    • Highland Division at Akarit, The
    • J.Douglas Ramsay Esq. of Bamff
    • Kenny would dance with the maid
    • Lady Loudon
    • Loch Monar
    • Maclean of Pennycross
    • Marchioness of Tuillibardine, The
    • Merry Maids of Sunnyside,The
    • Mike Cassidy
    • Millbank Cottage
    • Minnie Hynd
    • Mrs. MacDonald of Dunach
    • Mrs. Margaret Anderson of Craigellachie
    • Nellie's Strathspey
    • Paddy's Leather Breeches
    • Relief of Ladysmith, The
    • Roderick MacDonald
    • Royal Scottish Piper's Society
    • Scorrybreck Falls
    • Wren's Death, The
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