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Item Code: PSL008

Pearl Snare Drum Carrier Harness MXSP-1

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  • The new MX T-FRAME carriers by Pearl offer elegant simplicity combined with solid dependability. These super light frames provide sleek comfort with a wide range of adjustability to fit every size player. Straight forward adjustments with minimal hardware makes these carriers a clear choice for any band.

    The Pipe version of the MX Snare Carrier has been customized with short Pipe J-hooks that allow for the drum to be positioned as high and as close to the body as possible. In addition, the CXSA-1 Snare Attachement from the CX AirFrame carriers has been added to the MXSP-1 for an even tighter playing position that allows for angle adjustment and flip-up rest.

    Aluminum shoulder supports and an Aluminum Free-floating Flip-up snare attachment.


    • Lightweight, Sleek Form Fitting Design
    • Rugged Durability
    • Adjusts To Fit Any Player
    • Optimal Positioning For Instruments
    • Pipe snare J-Hooks
    • Includes CXSA-1 Tilting Snare Mount
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